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Please apply only if you think you are responsible enough and will be committed.

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I understand that to receive a signature on a Community Service form I must send in a weekly email about my visits.
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Parental Consent
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I give my teen permission to volunteer in the Friendship Circle.
I give my teen permission to attend Friendship Circle trips.
I agree that my teen’s photos may be used for any and all Friendship Circle publicity purposes.
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When would you like to volunteer at a special needs child’s home?
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   Volunteer Opportunities  
Friends at Home
Community Adventures
Get Moving
You are what you Eat
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I agree to keep all information about my circle friend and their family confidential.
In the event that I am unable to volunteer I will try to find another day to substitute and I will call my special friend in advance.
In the event that I am unable to attend Bowling League I will try to find a substitute volunteer and I will call the office in advance.