Mini Gan

18 Months- 3 Years old (entering nursery)

Mini Gan is the perfect blend of a safe preschool environment and a touch of camp experience. 

From our sprinkler pad and outdoor play to art and music every day, your little ones will be showered with love as they expand their horizons. Our flexible schedules, half day and extended care options, beautiful facilities and convenient location make it even easier for you to take advantage of this great program.
Some of our highlights include: Weekly specialties such as Zumba, Music & Movement, Gymnastics & Science | An array of activities: Arts & craft, Fun foods and Theme days | Daily snacks and icepops to go! | An amazing team of dedicated and nurturing staff!


Junior Gan

3 - 4 Years old (entering Pre-K)

Our Junior Gan Israel division combines the best of early childhood care and the broad array of CGI activities. Our combination of Sports, Crafts and Activities has children motivated, excited and on-their-toes, while also allowing time for them to take a short nap in the afternoon if necessary.

Some weekly highlights: Kiddi Sports with Insruction | Weekly specialties such as  Music & Movement, Robotics & Gymnastics | An array of activities: Mad science, Arts & craft, Hunts, Fun Food & Theme days | An amazing team of dedicated and nurturing staff!  


Senior Gan

5-8 Years old (entering K-3rd grade)

Children in Senior Gan Division are provided a great mix of athletic, artistic and spirited pursuits in a structured setting. They develop strong bonds with their peers and counselors while experiencing what summer is all about. Our wide array of programming options has children motivated, excited and on-their-toes. To run our specialized programming, CGI brings in specialty instructors including sports instructors, visiting entertainers, artists and specialists who work alongside the counselors to give the children the time of their lives.

Some of the highlights include: Weekly Trips | Professionally coached sports | Specialties such as , Zumba, Lego Robotics and more | Swimming & Swim Instruction | Arts & Crafts | One a week hot Pizza lunch | The world renown CGI camp spirit | An amazing team of dedicated and exciting staff!