My mommy says that sending me to Torah Tots was the best decision she ever made! I love going to school and seeing Morah Smadi and all of my friends. We have so much fun learning and playing every day. Morah Smadi is the best! She teaches us so many things like our Hebrew & English Alphabet, and our phone number and address. We read books and make a lot of beautiful art projects. And best of all, we make challah bread every Friday for Shabbos. It sure is yummy! My mommy told me what she likes best of all is that it is a small school with a very warm and loving atmosphere. Everyone is nice and friendly! Let's hear it for Torah Tots!

By Serena Z. ( Nursery Class) with a little help from Mommy.


What I wanted from Torah Tots:

1) A safe fun environment for my kids while I worked.
2) Reinforcement of the Jewish traditions we observe at home.

What we found at Torah Tots:

1) The best kept secret on Long Island - an amazing school! A warm welcoming place - where everyone cares for my kids - the teachers, the staff and the other kids - all treat each other like family.
2) Stimulating fun both inside and out.
3) Quiet Time
4) Secular and Jewish Education offered in a non-threatening way. Bright kids can learn the alphabet before age 3. Regular kids learn what their name starts with and learn the whole alphabet when they are year 5. The stimulation is there - take what you need when you are ready.
5) Jewish values of caring for others.
6) Pride in our heritage, based on experiencing the cycle of the Jewish year.

Basically: a safe fun environment, reinforcement of Jewish traditions and a whole lot more!!

Yashor Koach and thanks to Rivkie and all Torah Tots staff.
Deborah Richman, mom of Micha, Ben and Orli.


I only have wonderful things to say about TorahTots. It is the most friendly, warm and nurturing environment. My son is so excited to come to school each day!

Two years ago I started visiting different pre-schools. Each classroom we visited, my son refused to leave my lap, or participate. When we arrived at Torah Tots he walked right into the nursery class without looking for me and sat down at the table all ready to join in.

I knew immediately that this was the best place for my son to be, where he can learn, grow, and thrive.

All the teachers and staff are great - you can see how much they love being there teaching all of our Children - THANK YOU!

Jennifer Aron


Our daughter Rachel, has been going to Torah Tots since she was 2 years old. She has grown and blossomed greatly over the past 2 years. Rachel loves going to school and has made many friends. She comes home with various projects and proudly shows them off. It is wonderful to see her learn about herself and her Jewish heritage. We are looking forward to sending our son to Torah Tots in the Fall.

Jennifer &  Larry Miller


Three of my children attended Torah Tots Preschool this year. They all loved going to school and were greeted every morning with a smile by the warm and enthusiastic teachers.

I was so impressed by the professional and diverse curriculum and the beautiful and creative projects. The class atmosphere was happy and peaceful and discipline was always achieved through positive reinforcement.

Thank you so much for a year of dedicated work!

Adam & Esther Stein