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Dear Friends

That's a lot of 'Thank you' and I sincerely mean every one of them. Each 'Thank you' represents a dollar you helped us raise in last year's RAFFLE Campaign. Each dollar helps support activities I know you hold dear.
Here are just some..

The Friendship Circle for kids with special needs
Scholarships for kids in Hebrew School, Preschool and Summer Camp.
Synagogue and Jewish Continuity, a Jewish future for those you hold dear and so do I.
So let's do it again. Help us sell all 300 RAFFLE tickets raising $54,000. You might even be a winner of $10,000. That's a lot of money too. And it could be yours.
I ask you.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WON $10,000?
What would we do if we raised the $54,000? We'd give it back to you with programs you have entrusted us to lead. And we will!
Buy your tickets today. Better yet, buy them now!
Thank you for the 1rst of 54,000 times.
Rabbi Chaim Grossbaum