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The Friendship Circle activity I enjoyed most is
Teen Programming I enjoy teen events I don't enjoy teen  events I am indifferent
How has your volunteering experience been
Are you interested in more FC training sessions to further your knowledge of special needs
I post on mileage
If not, why?  
I would like to see more of the following gifts on the "Log My Visits" program  perks with logos gift certficates
Other gifts:
How would you rate our communication with you
Do you find us easy to reach?
I would be able to communicate with FC better if:  
Friends @ Home Volunteers
How often do you volunteer with your family  
Do you feel comfortable in your Friendship Circle family's home?  
Please Explain  
Can you communicate with your Friendship Circle Parents Easy  
Please Explain  
When working with your special friend does the time pass quickly or are you looking for things to fill the time?  
In what ways do you think The Friendship Circle staff can better assist your weekly visits?  
Do you feel you have gained from the visits each week?  
Do you feel your friend has gained from the visits?  
Do you feel connected to The Friendship Circle network?  
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I would like to continue visiting the same family next year  
I would like to commit to volunteering weekly with a new family  
I would like to volunteer together with someone else next year.  
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I am a senior and cannot volunteer next year.  I think will be a great replacement for my Friendship Circle family  
Bowling Buddies & Art/Sports Night Volunteers
What do you feel you gained most from your Bowling Buddies & Art/Sports Night experience?  
Was any part of this program uncomfortable for you?  
Do you feel that your relationship with your friend grew throughout the year?  
Do you feel your friends progressed socially within the program?  
Did you feel that you had enough professional assistance during the program - when needed?  
Sports Night: What activities did you like most or least?  
Sports Night: Can you tell us what activity your child enjoyed most/least?  
Are there any additional topics that you feel should be discussed at our Training Events?   
Do you have any program suggestions?  
Please check all that apply:
I would like to continue volunteering with  next year.  
I would like to volunteer with: (name of child)  
Please comment on your overall volunteer experience